Tap at Miss Annie's

We use the Al Gilbert Tap Technique. This establishes a proper foundation of tap technique by using barre exercises and center floor studies. It starts with simple steps and rhythms and grows to syncopated riffs and time steps. Tap promotes rhythm and freedom of movement and sound. Each year new skills will be added to your child's repertoire until they become a skilled tapper.

The first two years begin the foundational concept of balance and understanding right and left. At the center floor children will strengthen basic movement and patterns. This level is best for 4-6 year old beginning dancers. Examples of steps are: shuffles variations, ball change variations, buffalos, and right and left exercises.

The next two years emphasize the concept of staying up on your toes to really strengthen the calf muscles and control each movement. This level is intended for your 7-9 year old student. Example of steps are: shuffle ball change turns, flap combinations and time steps.

Dancers 10-12 years of age continue on to the breakthrough level of tap. At this point the material mastered will propel your dancer through the intermediate stage of tap. The dancer's speed and coordination will noticeably increase. Example of steps are: quadruple steps, extensive flap patterns, combination turns, and traveling time steps.

Our advanced tappers will be working on keeping close to the floor and mastering combinations and syncopated rhythms. Examples of steps: wings, double pullbacks, toe stands and cramp rolls. Teachers will encourage the students with speed and clarity drills to improve their abilities.

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