Capturing the Magical Moments on the Big Day

Artful Action Photography presents: the Digital Shutterfly Recital album! The album consists of thousands of action shots taken at the dress rehearsal and recital performances for $40.

Reserve your shutTerfly album today!

Click below to view/download the printable Shutterfly Album forms. The first form contains tips on using Shutterfly and getting ready for the dress rehearsal/recital. Please complete and return the second form with payment to Molly Harman or Miss Annie at the studio:

Recital Digital Photography Album - Information for parents (for you to keep)

Recital Digital Photography Album - Registration form (to turn in)

The Digital Shutterfly Album: Thousands of images At your fingertips

The collection contains images which are organized and presented to you in a digital album to explore and edit at your convenience. I do not take these albums down. You have as long as you like to download your favorite images, make Christmas cards, videograms, calendars - the possibilities are endless!

Why so many images? To give you and your family more choices. I post photos that meet my technical and aesthetic standards, but at the end of the day, the dancer in the picture is your daughter or son. You know every “look” and detail of their smile. You know them best.

So, sit back, relax, enjoy the show and CELEBRATE!! I’ll take care of the pictures for you!

© Images by Amy R. Boles All Rights Reserved