A Nutcracker Note of Thanks...

We hope this week has been a very special time for you with your loved ones. Before the year ends, we would like to thank the following extraordinary people for their help with this year's Nutcracker.

Nicki and Nancy at the Firehouse for providing a great place for artists to grow, the City of del Rio for fostering a great community event and Sharon Boles, my mom, for her continuous support in all my endeavors and for donating the gorgeous backdrops. Amy Boles, my sister, for her exquisite photography and dedication to the artists of Del Rio, but more importantly for being the supportive listener I need.


Molly Harman for being my right-hand woman and keeping me organized and on schedule.
Grace Khan for her creative choreography and dedication to the corps.


Alyssa Perez for her support and willingness to help in every aspect.

My backstage volunteers who make the show run seamlessly, and a special thanks for everyone who helped me by bringing hot tea and making announcements during the show! Thanks also to Balloon Boutique for the beautiful decorations.

All the parents of the students. Every year this program improves thanks to your continued support. You encourage your children to try something new which allows them to reach new heights.


My students, these children push themselves to reach more challenging goals each year. As a teacher there is nothing more rewarding then helping them achieve what they've set out to do.

Grandpa Bob for being the chauffeur so I can teach, and last but not least, my husband and children. Thank you for making me laugh when I want to cry and supporting me through all my crazy ideas.


© Images by Amy R. Boles All Rights Reserved