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Our philosophy:

Minds in Motion is a week-long, hands-on summer enrichment program designed for students ages 7-13. Each week focuses on a single topic with lessons tailored to a variety of levels and learning styles. For example, we might illustrate the geometric concept of symmetry with an art project or dance choreography. Our goal is to provide a vibrant, supportive program where students can stretch their "mental muscles" and have fun!

Did you know it took thousands of experiments before Edison invented his light bulb? Discoveries we take for granted in math and science were developed over time by people who were both passionate and persistent. We'll spend time focusing on the journey that has taken place - one that is continuing in new fields today.

In our camps we encourage students to take risks, to tackle new concepts (even if they seem hard at first) and most of all to develop a sense of wonder while making new friends.

Our instructors bring over 40 years of teaching experience to this camp. Teaching is our passion, and we look forward to inspiring your child to grasp concepts and skills that are so vital to their future success!

Math Camp Day 1! Loved It!!!
— parent of a 2015 Minds in Motion Math Camper


Amy Boles - Camp Designer/Teacher


Amy got her start in science when she participated in the International Science and Engineering Fair in high school:

She went on to earn a biology degree from Rice University and a Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University. She co-authored 3 papers published in scientific journals and won a national grant for a photography project in Washington D.C. Amy has taught and tutored hundreds of students from primary through university levels and has garnered several awards for her outstanding teaching. To read more about Amy, click here.

You have a rare gift for teaching - I wish we could clone you for the public school system.
— parent of one of Amy's tutoring students

Annie Marshall - Teacher

In addition to running her dance studio of nearly 200 students, Miss Annie also homeschools her five children. Education is a family affair and she is deeply committed to bringing learning opportunities to the community of Del Rio. Whether it is about learning acrobatics or algebra, Miss Annie is on the job! She brings 20 years of dance and 7 years of teaching experience to the studio, along with several years of home schooling and active participation in learning co-ops in the community. To read more about Miss Annie, click here.

Sharon Boles - Teacher

Sharon Boles has a Master of Education and over 30 years of teaching experience. Twenty years of her tenure were spent teaching science and math. She served as a Mentor for the National Transition to Teach Program and was distinguished as a Master Teacher in Science by the State of Kansas. In addition, she was named one of Kansas' Outstanding Young Women of America and selected for Who's Who Among America's Teachers.

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