The Master Program at Miss Annie's

How it Began

Miss Annie is very passionate about this program because of its inception. In her early experience teaching ballet and tap, several students demonstrated a real desire to reach a higher level of technique and skills than Miss Annie could possibly teach in a one-hour class.  These students showed discipline and dedication by practicing the skills on their own and were willing to spend extra time after class to learn something new. 

As a result, Miss Annie designed the Master Program.  Students are invited to this program each spring.

What to Expect

The dance staff have witnessed some great results over the past two years and the master class students are enjoying dance more than ever.  During their regular classes the students have not only shown great improvement in their abilities, but also are inspiring the rest of the class to do better.  The extra time is not only improving their technique but helping them absorb new concepts faster and building confidence to lead others and try new things.


The Curriculum

There are two levels of classes in the Master Program. Master Level I or II is an additional one-hour class per week taught by at least two instructors.  Barre work is stressed in every class (basic level is perfected and holds and turns are introduced) as well as traveling moves (turns and leaps).  Special emphasis will be placed on turns such as pirouettes, fouettes, and Russian fouettes.  Stretching will be heavily emphasized at every class as well.   Students will learn a petite adagio, a grande adagio, and also a classical variation.  Master students will also have other opportunities to perform and attend conventions and intensives.  The beauty of this program is that it grows with our dancers.  As new challenges and interests become known we adjust our class and instruction to meet these needs.

Parting Thoughts

The Master Program is by invitation only, and it is a deeper commitment on the part of the student.  Thus, it is always a choice for students and parents to consider. Students are selected based on their ability and performance in class, but whether they take this step or not, an invitation should be considered an achievement.  We look for strong dancers who show hard work and discipline in class every week.  Master students exemplify this which isn’t easy and definitely takes the support of great parents as well!

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