Ballet at Miss Annies

We teach classical ballet techniques and emphasize the importance of ballet positions and terminology. The impact of ballet training on our dancers is astonishing. It establishes correct body posture and carriage while fostering strength and coordination. Barre work is strongly emphasized from the beginning; traveling moves and center work are a part of every lesson as well.

Pre Ballet

Pre ballet is taught to ages 3-6. During this period we introduce the five ballet positions and the concepts of turn out, spatial awareness and class etiquette. We teach the majority of basic ballet terms students will be expected to know in more advanced levels in a structured, yet fun setting. Students are encouraged to explore space and enjoy dancing.


During the first two years of ballet, children will cover the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. The importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm, musicality, alignment and memorization will be stressed. It is a more formal setting than pre ballet which gives the students the discipline to mature as dancers.

The next two to three years of ballet give students a more complete understanding of ballet technique. A strong emphasis on proper body alignment and technique and increasing strength and flexibility will help propel the dancer to the next level.

Our intermediate and advanced ballet students will have the opportunity to work on technique and perform in ballets as corps members. Turns and leaps are perfected and terms will be memorized at this point.

Pre-pointe and Pointe

Miss Annie's is offering pre-pointe and pointe classes to advanced students. Call 830-719-9076 to discuss the details about this program and your dancer.

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